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More than 100 tonnes of green-skin grapefruit were exported from southern Ben Tre province last year.


Green Age VN , one of  fruit companies  exported many consignment of green-skin grapefruit to Hongkong, the Philippines, Germany and Norway market.

Green skin pomelo is spherical. Its average weight is about 1.2 -2.5 kg. The special feature is that whether it is ripe or green, the skin color is always green, shell is very thin (14-18mm) and the fruit is quite heavy with lots of pulp.




Grapefruit has slightly sweet and sour taste, pinky pulp, is very easy to peal and not sticky to the hand. Its sweetness mingles with mild acidity, not so mellow like other types of grapefruit and especially, there is no bead inside the pulp.






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